Key making

Изготовленные автомобильные ключи

Our expert key cutters in Vilnius at Fast Keys have 20 years’ experience of looking after large orders for facilities management teams, locksmiths and all types of small to medium businesses and larger organisations – even high security ones such as financial institutions. Using the latest key cutting equipment and specialising in all types of keys from cabinet and locker keys to office door, padlock and car keys, we have moved with the times.

If you have large, bulk orders requiring precision key cutting in Vilnius, you need a service that can handle the volume without it harming quality or delaying delivery times. If you’ve ever lost your bunch of personal keys you’ll already know the problems it creates – from starting the car to getting home. Now imagine a business without keys and you’ll quickly understand why precision, reliability and a quick turnaround are all paramount concerns.

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Please  understand the crucial role that keys play in everyday life.

We are programming all types of remotes in Vilnius

1)Mul-t-lock key making in Vilnius.

2Key cutting in Vilnius in all quantities you need .

3)Patent key cutting in Vilniussuch keys as Evva,Mul-t-lock,Gerda,Gera,Cisa ,Assa,Secureme,Dorma and other more.